Get Alameda's Voices on the Air!

Support Alameda Community Radio! Alameda Community Radio is back on the island, but we need your help.

Keeping the voices of Alameda on the air doesn't come cheap so we need your help to support our efforts going into our first year on the air.

Please find it in your heart to support this local resource for Alameda's voices to be heard, live and loud, on the airwaves.

Thank you so very much!

Alameda Community Radio is going on the air this summer!

Alameda Community Radio (ACR) was granted a construction permit by the FCC to build a Low-Power FM radio station right here in Alameda, California. Soon, Alameda Community Radio will be broadcasting as KACR at 96.1 FM as we bring radio back to Alameda.

Once the station is built…ACR will provide broadcast access, essentially a voice for the entire of the city of Alameda. As an island in San Francisco Bay, our city occupies a unique place in the Bay Area. Situated next to the larger city of Oakland and just across the bay from San Francisco, Alameda currently has no broadcast media that is uniquely its own. Alameda Community Radio will tap into the vast mix of the city – all ages, races and philosophies, to provide a social, political, cultural and musical forum for all of Alameda. The result will be original programming that’s locally- created.

Why Volunteer Your Skills?

This is a unique situation, where you, the people of Alameda, have the opportunity to build your own radio station from the ground up literally! Alameda Community Radio is not corporate-owned, not for-profit, and will not run a computerized playlist of music sent from New York. Our music will be your music sometimes recorded, sometimes live. Our talk shows will be your talk shows, news and public affairs programs, not satellite-delivered nationwide talk. ACR listeners will hear what Alameda produces. Want to know about local events, just tune us in. We live here too, and we’ll provide what you’ve wanted for years: Alameda’s own radio station.