Alameda prepares for COVID 19

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Alameda Park and Rec closing Courts

Essential Services Open during Emergency

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Eight quarantined Alameda firefighters to be cleared to return to duty

All eight of the Alameda firefighters who were quarantined after being identified as having possible exposure to one Alameda firefighter who tested positive for COVID-19 are being cleared for duty.

Six Alameda firefighters have been cleared to return to duty as of today, and the remaining two firefighters have pending clearances and will return to duty within one week. During this time, all Alameda fire stations have been fully staffed and remain ready and able to serve with no change to their response time.

The one Alameda firefighter who tested positive for COVID-19 on March 10 remains in quarantine at their home outside of Alameda County. “I am incredibly grateful to our first responders who continue to provide the same level of service in these difficult times, with an unyielding commitment to the health and safety of our community,” stated Alameda City Manager Eric Levitt.

Decisions to quarantine, test, and release back to duty, as well as the duration of the quarantine, are made by County health departments where the individual being quarantined lives.